ACME-Retouching is a professional photo retouching / photo manipulation / photo restoration studio.
Detail and deadline oriented. Since 1975.

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This site is presented as a portfolio of before and after photo retouching and image manipulations demonstrating a wide range of solutions at various price points.

The images in this site are highly compressed for fast load-times.If you want to see a higher resolution (cleaner) version contact us.
In most cases the images are presented with full bleed the way the client received them.


Each image is presented as a ‘Before’ and ‘After’ mouse-over image. Placing the cursor on the image itself or the ‘roll-over’ symbol (below)
will expose the ‘Before’ (unretouched) image and the ’After’ (retouched) image. The default image is the 'After' retouched image.
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All “before” photographs © the respective photographer and / or others. All image retouching © ACME All rights reserved.
Images displayed for educational purposes only, not for sale.

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